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Manufacturer: Pace
Model Number: 6.003
Version Number: 9F2211
Operating System Version: 1.31B06
EPG Software Version: 5.04.d

I used the following method to upgrade my Sky+ HDD:

Existing standard Sky+ HDD Upgraded new Sky+ HDD
PATA / IDE HDD: Maxtor 6B200PO 200GB Maxtor 6L300RO 300GB
PC: e-Machines (eTower 320)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2
Software: Copy+ - The Sky & XTV Disk Copier version
Format: Little Endian CPU
Connection: Secondary IDE - Slave Secondary IDE - Master
Transferring / copying directly from old 200GB to new 300GB
Time Taken:
2 hours & 16 mins - 23% free out of 200GB, including Sky Anytime TV
Sunday 27th July 2008 21:34 to Sunday 27th July 2008 23:50 (00:05)
After first time experimenting with upgrading Sky+ Pace TDS470N HDD the hard way, this time, I've decided to do some research on the Internet with the following links:

After finding out "
Which is fastest - IDE vs USB 2.0?" using Google search engine, reading all three links especially the web site, and after finished reading both "Attach Drives via External USB Caddies (Recommended)" and "Attach Drives using both External USB and Internal ATA" pages. I've decided to go with trying to use "Attach Drives via Internal ATA Connection" route (strongly recommended) to gain more experience!!

Firstly, I just put Sky+ in standby mode, disconnect all the wires including the power cable. The way I did in this exact order as follows:
  1. Power cable
  2. Telephone cable
  3. RF Output
  4. Sat Input 1
  5. Sat Input 2
  6. VCR SCART - Connection to Argos Value Range DS-8668A Analogue DVD Recorder & Venturer STS20AAS-10 DVD Home Theatre System
  7. TV SCART - Connection to One For All Wireless Audio/Video Sender (SV1715) - previously, I've purchased One For All Wireless (Three channel) Audio/Video Sender SV 1720, but the box was too big and put it in the sitting room instead for my parents to watch either DVD player, VHS recorder & Sky box in my downstairs bedroom. 
Without making any changes to my default settings:
  • Instant Rewind: 60 MINS
  • Enable Anytime TV: YES
Now that Sky+ box is out of the way, I've switch off my old self upgraded e-Machines 320 PC - purchased from way back in Friday 31st August 2001 but delivered to me on Sunday 16th September 2001 with maximum of 512MB RAM, Maxtor 6B200PO DiamondMax 10 200GB HDD containing Multi-Boot Operating Systems Facility with Microsoft Windows 98SE (C:\), Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (D:\), Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (E:\), Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Enterprise (F:\) & Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 (G:\) while drive H is reserved for Windows Vista, running at 900MHz Intel Celeron Processor 66/100MHz bus speed. Even its not the fastest by today's standards, disconnecting all the cables including power supply, monitor, etc and then I opened up the case with ease by removing the 3 small screws and sliding it out towards me.


Since the Primary IDE Connection is used for the PC internal hard drive, I decided to disconnect both my Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616 (Curved Bezel - Beige) & TSSTcorp CD-RW / DVD Multi-Player ComboDVD-ROM / CD-RW Comb drives from Secondary IDE connection, leaving both HDDs to CS (Cable Select) setting - no need to change the jumper pin.
As the IDE cable is not long enough, so I had to use a pile of books as a stand for my HDDs right next to my PC, putting one CD case on top of the pile for existing 200GB Sky+ HDD and then put another CD case on top of the Sky+ HDD for the new 300GB HDD, connecting both HDDs with default CS (Cable Select) jumper setting in that following order: 200GB HDD = Slave & 300GB = Master.
Switch on my PC and then proceed to use Copy+ software, performing a Disk copy directly from existing Maxtor 6B200PO DiamondMax 10 200GB HDD (Source) to new Maxtor 6L300RO DiamondMax 10 300GB HDD (Destination), here are some of the following screen shots as shown below.

 After a total copying process time of 2 hrs & 16mins later from 23% free out of 200GB, including Sky Anytime TV data onto 300GB HDD, I just do everything in reverse including returning copied 300GB HDD to my Sky+ box, refitting the case and screws back and do in this order to power up my Sky+ box as follows:
  3. Sat Input 2
  4. Sat Input 1
  5. RF Output
  6. Telephone cable
  7. Power cable
Wait for 2 mins, during that time, no matter of many key presses on the remote control won't make any effect to turn your Sky+ box to turn to green light. After 2 mins is up, press the Sky key on the remote control. Perform "Sky+ Planner Rebuild", in order to do that, press Services, 4, 0, 1, Select. Then press 7 to select "Sky+ Planner Rebuild" option to start the Housekeeping task.

Hey pesto, it worked!! Now I can start enjoying with my new upgraded Sky+ 300GB HDD!!!
  • USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 is a complete pile of crap when it comes to copying / transferring data, even the same with "Attach Drives using both External USB 1.1 and Internal ATA". Its very SLOW like a TORTOISE!! Or like a DIAL-UP INTERNET CONNECTION!! To me, copying this way, it takes me 17 hours like my previous attempt, mentioned in post #2

    My strongly recommendation is: "Attach Drives via Internal ATA Connection"!! But only do this option, if you're more experienced with computers and very familiar with installing PC drives as well don't mind getting your hands dirty - that's easiest and quickest way to copy Sky+ HDDs with much less waiting time consuming and no matter how old the PC really is.

  • Can use Sky Broadband via Ethernet connection to browse the Internet at the same time, plus running other applications at the same without any problems, e.g. like I used Adobe Photoshop, Mozilla, FrontPage.
  • I didn't know Seagate is much longest company than Maxtor which it was acquired by Seagate back in 2006. So the HDDs are very similarly. Strangely, the same Seagate company designed HDDs including Gem Hard Disk System for Amstrad computers.

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